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Media Montage Podcast 69: Fall TV Shows - New and Returning (2014)

Fall is nearly upon us and that means the New Fall Television Season is here. Bruce and Larry take a closer look at some new and returning shows. Arrow, The Flash, Big Bang Theory, Agents of SHIELD and Grace Point are discussed. 
What are we looking forward to and what will we be avoiding? Doctor Who has a new season, and a new Doctor, plus old Who stars David Tennant and Karen Gillan have new Network shows. Bruce even shares his thoughts on the pilot episode of Karen Gillan’s new show, Selfie. Tune in for Episode 69 of the Media Montage Podcast!
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by otterdisaster

Media Montage Podcast 68: Noah Film and Comic (2014)

You got your Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi in my Biblical Epic! 
No, you got your Biblical Epic in my Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi!
This week Bruce and Larry visit Noah, the 2014 film by Darren Aronofsky, starring Russell Crowe, Anthony Perkins, Jennifer Connelly and Ray Winstone. We also look at the graphic novel that was concurrently created from the original screenplay. The wickedness of man, miracles and fallen angels inhabit the strange antediluvian earth of the story. We explore the sci-fi nature of the story, the bits and pieces added for dramatic effect, and the symbolism present throughout the tale.
The flood is upon us in Episode 68 of the Media Montage Podcast!