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Media Montage Podcast 66: Grab Bag: Turtles, Fables, Avatar & More

This week Bruce and Larry take a bit of a breather and discuss a veritable grab bag of media releases they've been enjoying. 
We have recommendations of what to enjoy and what to avoid. We talk expectations, disappointments and more. 
Larry recommends the Fables: A Wolf Among Us video game, The Weirding Willows and Lumberjanes comics.
Bruce recommends rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender and the current season of The Legend of Korra, and yes, even the new Ninja Turtles movie.
We also briefly tackle:
Wes Anderson movies 
What makes us leave comic book titles 
The ‘slow burn’ in long form stories, and when there is and is not an ultimate payoff to that burn
How lowering expectations can make for a better movie going experience
…and some of the things we have planned going in to year two of the Media Montage Podcast!
by otterdisaster

Media Montage Podcast 64: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014 Film)

This week Bruce and Larry take a combative look at Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot as they guard the galaxy from the threat of Ronan the Accuser. 
The Guardians of the Galaxy are here, and another Marvel Cinematic Universe film is upon us! How does GOTG build on the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is it a worthy entry in the annals of space opera? Do Larry and Bruce see eye to eye on this movie? (Hint: One of them loved it, the other? Not so much…) They debate the merits of GOTG as an action comedy, a space opera, a comic book movie, and what exactly happened with Yondu? 
Find out in Episode 65 of the Media Montage Podcast! We also celebrate the first anniversary of our show!