by otterdisaster

Media Montage Podcast 64: Guardians of the Galaxy - Earth Shall Overcome

Another Marvel Cinematic Universe film is upon us! The Guardians of the Galaxy are here, and this week Bruce and Larry visit the origins of the Guardians by taking a look at Guardians of the Galaxy: Earth Shall Overcome. This volume reprints the first appearances of the Guardians in 1968. Do these stories hold up? What characters from these early stories will make their way into the film? Find out the answers to these burning questions in Episode 64 of the Media Montage Podcast!

by otterdisaster

Hanging out on Reddit

I've recently begun hanging out on Reddit, and learning a bit about that community.  I posted a comic there and a lot of new visitors dropped in a checked out Brain Teaser. I hope you got a chuckle out of the odd characters that live here, and I look forward to getting involved in some of the comics subreddits, and finding new comics to check out! You can find my posts there under otterdisaster, naturally!