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Media Montage 53: X-Men Days of Future Past - The Comics

We begin our 3 week exploration of the seminal Days of Future Past storyline from Uncanny X-Men 141 and 142, soon to be adapted into the fifth X-Men film. This week Bruce and Larry look at the original comic story, and its impact on the X-Men comics that followed. The iconic John Byrne art, and Chris Claremont writing are explored, as well as a passionate appreciation of lettering and inking from Bruce! Days of Future Past-The Comics on episode 53 of the Media Montage Podcast! Our Comics: Magna Comica: Brain Teaser Comics: Twitter @larrykingundead @otterdisaster

by otterdisaster

Media Montage 51: Mysterious Deaths

A group of people with similar backgrounds and jobs all die within a brief period of time by suicide, accident or disappearance. Does this defy all statistical probability or does it fall within normal parameters? Are they being ‘taken out’? Do they know too much?
Bruce and Larry take a look at mysterious deaths, suicide clusters and related unsettling phenomena in this down the rabbit hole episode of the Media Montage Podcast!
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