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Media Montage 51: Mysterious Deaths

A group of people with similar backgrounds and jobs all die within a brief period of time by suicide, accident or disappearance. Does this defy all statistical probability or does it fall within normal parameters? Are they being ‘taken out’? Do they know too much?
Bruce and Larry take a look at mysterious deaths, suicide clusters and related unsettling phenomena in this down the rabbit hole episode of the Media Montage Podcast!
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MMP 49 & 50 - Companion Episodes Featuring the Outer Limits episodes that inspired The Termintor and then a look at that film.

Episodes 49 and 50 of the Media Montage Podcast are companion episodes exploring the origins of James Cameron's Terminator franchise, and a look at that franchise though that particular lens.

We once again return to classic Sci-Fi series The Outer Limits and look at 2 episodes with similar time travel themes. Soldier and Demon With A Glass Hand both feature men from the future arriving in the present day. What influences did these particular episodes have on subsequent pop culture? What themes are explored by these men out of time? Find out in Epidode 49 of the Media Montage Podcast.

Bruce and Larry continue last week’s discussion with an examination of James Cameron’s 1984 Outer Limits inspired film The Terminator. We discuss parallel themes, scenes and imagery between the episodes and the film, as well as a take a deeper look at the Terminator sequels. Humanity, machines and Judgment Day on episode 50 of the Media Montage Podcast.