by otterdisaster

Media Montage 46: The Apocalypse in Pop Culture

In today’s episode Bruce and Larry discuss the end of everything as the Apocalypse strikes pop culture.

Why does the end of everything show up again and again in popular entertainment? Does the obsession with the end of the world have something to say about the perseverance of humanity, or do we just have a death wish? 

We look at post-apocalyptic pop culture on Episode 46 of the Media Montage Podcast.

by otterdisaster

Media Montage 45: Roger Corman's Fantastic Four (1995)


2015 will bring us a reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise, but Bruce and Larry travel back to 1994 to take a look at the first, doomed live action Fantastic Four movie. Is it as bad as legend says? We look at the film on its own merits and come to some surprising conclusions.

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