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Media Montage 39: Piper and Venture in Tag Team

Two pro wrestlers, blackballed from their sport, are forced to become cops to pay the bills. In this episode Bruce and Larry discuss Tag Team, the 1991 pilot for the Jesse Ventura/Rowdy Roddy Piper action adventure show that, sadly, did not get picked up as a regular series. Also stars Shannon Tweed, Ray Tyler, Robin Curtis and Jennifer Runyon.

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by otterdisaster

Media Montage 38: Is Google Becoming Skynet?

In this episode Bruce and Larry discuss Google’s recent acquisitions and mergers with robotics, artificial intelligence and related companies, and how it relates to the Terminator franchise’s evil AI, Skynet. Could AI run amok? Would a superior machine intelligence love or hate mankind? Would it even care? Is a robot going to take your job? All this and more… Email: Twitter @larrykingundead @otterdisaster