by otterdisaster

Media Montage 17: Dick Briefer's Frankenstein

Larry and I discuss Dick Briefer's Golden Age Frankenstein comics. Humor and horror mix and merge in wonderful, fantastical, hilarious short comics tales featuring vampires, mummies, mutants and more!


by otterdisaster

Media Montage 15 and 16

Whoa! Busy week with Real Life, and didn't get this week's podcasts posted until today!

Check out Tuesday's episode of the Media Montage, Episode 15: the Outer Limits - OBIT, where Larry and I discuss OBIT, the Outer Limits episode that originally aired 11/4/63, but seems ripped from today's headlines. Somebody is watching you!

...And in yesterday's episode we wonder, do we live in the Matrix, or a video game, or some elaborate version of the Sims? We discuss the weird implications of Simulation Theory, the notion that the world we experience is a large scale computer simulation. Listen right here: