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Brain Teaser Social Media, & Side Projects

I can be found on Twitter as @otterdisaster and Brain Teaser Comics has an official Facebook Page where you can 'Like' and comment on recent strips as well as see some of my other projects.  I'm also part of the Media Montage Podcast which releases on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, where my partner Larry and I discuss comics, movies, television and conspiracies. You can stream or download episodes old and new at the Media Montage Podcast Blog.

Read my first web comic, Discordian Quote Comics, at it's home HERE.

by otterdisaster

Media Montage Podcast 12: Disclosure

This Week is another trip down the rabbit hole as Bruce and Larry discuss the concept of Disclosure, the idea that governments, in conjunction with Hollywood, are slowly revealing the existence of extraterrestrial contact to the general populace with the ultimate goal of official acknowledgement.